Frequently Asked Questions

Mr Han does not see uninsured patients in his private rooms. However, he does attend the outpatients department of St Vincent’s Hospital. You can request to see Mr Han there, but unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that you will see him. If you do, in fact, see him for the first visit, it is still not guaranteed that you will see him the next time you attend outpatients.

Mr Han mainly operates at St Vincent’s Private Hospital. He also operates at St Vincent’s Hospital, Werribee, and occasionally at Epworth Hospital.

Yes, Mr Han does charge a small co-payment for procedures he performs. The amount depends on your health insurance company and the operation you will be undertaking.

Mr Han engages only highly experienced and dedicated anaesthetists. Usually the anaesthetist will also charge a co-payment. We can ask your anaesthetist to contact you prior to your operation so that any questions you may have can be answered, may they be financial or medical.

Yes, Mr Han will always have a surgical assistant to help him. There is usually no co-payment for the surgical assistant if you are adequately covered by private health insurance. However, on occasion you may receive an invoice with an out of pocket fee charged. Additionally, Mr Han will also make sure you are looked after in hospital by a physician who will take care of any other medical concerns as applicable. Usually there is no co-payment for this service. However, on occasion you may receive an invoice with an out of pocket fee charged. – St Vincent’s Hospital MRI – I-MED Regional Imaging Gippsland (or many other I-MED locations around Victoria, some of which are former MIA Radiology sites) – Western Health Radiology – Western District Radiology, Warrnambool

…or anywhere that is convenient to your home or work that you know of.